• TRA: How to prepare a presentation

  • TRA: How to write confernece proposal

  • TRA: How to make effective presentation?

  • Introduction to Git

    Introduction to Github

  • Talk: AI as Accelerator

  • EPPS Taiwan Studies Program (Proposed)

  • Political Science Public Policy and Political Economy Joint Orientation 2024

  • SST: The Economy

  • Proposal: GCS and SDAR Synergy

  • Discussion: MPSA 2024 Zhang and Yu Does Misinformation Erode Political Trust in Autocracy? – Evidence from the Shuanghuanglian Incident

    CGOTS 2021

  • Discussion: MPSA 2024 Tsai et al. Authoritarian Propaganda as Legitimation or Signaling? China's Propaganda on Overseas Citizen Protection

    CGOTS 2021

  • Discussion: MPSA 2024 Daniel C. Bottomley: Public Diplomacy Deferred: American Cultural Centers and Confucius Institutes in an Era of Strategic Competition

    CGOTS 2021

  • Taiwan Studies Program in UTD

  • Executive summary: EPPS Taiwan Studies Project 03/18/2024

  • Media and Party Politics in 2024 Taiwan elections

  • Knowledge Mining: Pattern Mining

  • How to write dissertation proposal

  • Talk: A New Generation of Data Storytelling

  • EPPS Taiwan Studies Project

  • Talk: The New Taiwan Electorate: Structural Changes in 2024 Elections

  • Talk: The China Factor in Taiwan's Election in the Information Era

  • Talk: Polarization of World Politics and Impact on Voting Behavior

  • Talk: Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability Governance: Integrating Public Voices for CO_2 Management and Energy Policies using GPT and Generative Data Methods

  • Data Visualization: The Last Lecture 2023

  • 2024: Critical Election for Taiwan

  • Staple of Hong Kong Political Studies

  • Taiwan Research Initiative 2023

  • Talk: K-Diplomacy: Soft power, Global Impact

  • NT Quality of Life 2023

  • NCHU Data Science: Introduction to Data Science

  • Talk: Data Visualization and Machine Learning

  • CGOTS 2023: Affective Polarization and Partisan Dealignment in Taiwan

    CGOTS 2023

  • Copy of Code

  • Data Visualization: Introduction 2023

  • APSA 2023

  • Political Science Public Policy and Political Economy Joint Orientation 2023

  • LMAP: Research paper workflow

  • GROW: How to write dissertation proposal

  • CSS: How to make effective presentation?

  • CSS: Text Analytics

  • CSS: Text Analytics

  • CSS: Introduction

  • PPPEPS (PSCI+PPPE) Orientation 2023

  • Taiwanese identity in the United States and Taiwan

  • Data Visualization: RStudio Publishing

  • Knowledge Mining: Machine Learning Software

  • Knowledge Mining: keras

  • Knowledge Mining: caret

  • MPSA 2023: Hyperpartisanship and Affective Polarization: A Natural Language Processing Approach

    CGOTS 2020

  • Comparative Electoral Studies in New Democracies: the cases of Taiwan and Hong Kong