• Sumcheck in GPU

  • GKR-based Lookups

  • Sumchecks

  • MProvePlus at Monerokon 2023

    MProve+ presentation at Monerokon 2023.

  • CQ Lookup

  • HyperPlonk Part 2

  • HyperPlonk

  • Aztec's zk-zk-Rollup Analysis

  • Trustless (S)NARKs

  • Caulk vs Plookup

  • Aztec zk-zk-Rollup

  • Aztec Circuits

  • Marlin & More

    Explaining Marlin zkSNARK.

  • Polygon Hermez

  • Lin2-Xor Membership Proofs

    Brief overview of the Lin2-Xor based Membership NIZK protocol.

  • Private Transactions on Ethereum

    Brief overview of projects like Hopper, Hieswap and Tornado.cash.

  • Price Analysis of BAC, ESD, AMPL

    GBM Modelling of price processes of BAC, ESD, AMPL.

  • Uniswap LP Growth and Volatility Drag

    Some deep diving about the volatility drag in prices in Uniswap.

  • Radix-2 FFT

  • A Visual Tour of PLONK

    A deep dive in understanding PLONK through an example - the state-of-the-art zkSNARK proof system by Aztec Protocol.

  • Informal Zero Knowledge Proofs

  • RevelioBP at IEEE S&B 2020 v2

    Interactive presentation of the paper "Performance Trade-offs in Design of MimbleWimble Proofs of Reserves" at IEEE S&B 2020.

  • Impossibility of Synchronous Byzantine Agreement

    Short, interactive presentation about impossibility of consensus for f >= n/3 in synchronous byzantine agreement.

  • Asynchronous Byzantine Broadcast

    Short, interactive presentation about upper bounds on the numbers of faulty processes in asynchronous Byzantine Broadcast.

  • research-overview

  • Impossibility of FLP

    Short, interactive presentation about one of the most influential result in distributed computing - No deterministic protocol can reach a consensus in an asynchronous system in which at most one process faulters.

  • Aztec-Suyash-Round#2

    Short Presentation of thesis project for Aztec Protocol.

  • Suyash-ddp-presentation

    Dual Degree (B.Tech + M.Tech) Thesis presentation of Suyash Bagad at Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay.

  • On the Confidentiality of Amounts in Grin

    This is an example.