• The reversibility paradox in matrix hydrodynamics

    CAM-seminar, January 2024.

  • Wasserstein-Otto geometry

    Tutorial talk given 2023-11 in Banff.

  • Abel Laureate Luis Caffarelli: a glimpse of his work

    Colloquium about Abel Prize winners at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers and GU.

  • Geometric hydrodynamics in Flatland

    Mini-course given in Santiago de Compostela in September 2023.

  • Numerical integration of classical spin systems

    Presentation given 2022-10 at the UppASD Autumn School 2022 in Stockholm.

  • Brief demo of QUFLOW

    Demonstration of the Python software QUFLOW for simulation of Euler's equations on the sphere.

  • Zeitlin's model for ideal hydrodynamics on the sphere

    CUNY Einstein seminar given 2021-12.

  • Quantized hydrodynamics on the sphere

    Online-presentation given 2021-10 in the Hamiltonian Seminar Series, University of Toronto and University of Arizona.

  • Long-time simulation of spherical hydrodynamics via quantization

    Presentation given 2021-09 at the NUMDIFF-16 conference.

  • What makes nonholonomic integrators work?

    Online-presentation given 2021-05 in the Geometry, Dynamics, and Mechanics Seminar.

  • Jupyter notebooks and Canvas

    Pedagogical seminar given at the Department of Mathematical Sciences in Gothenburg.

  • Two-dimensional incompressible inviscid hydrodynamics: old questions and new insights

    Presentation given 2021-02 at the Mathematics Colloquium of Florida State University.

  • Geometry of matrix decompositions seen through optimal transport and information geometry

    Online-presentation given 2020-12 in the Hamiltonian Seminar Series, University of Toronto.

  • Groups of diffeomorphisms

    Online-presentation given 2020-10 at Hebrew University Analysis Seminar.

  • Berezin-Toeplitz quantization and Lie-Poisson integrators for quasi-geostrophic equations

    Presentation given 2020-06 at the online-only FoCM Workshop "Geometric Integration and Computational Mechanics" June, 15-18, 2020.

  • Isospectral flows and a Casimir preserving scheme for long-time simulation of 2D hydrodynamics

    Presentation given 2020-02 at PCTS in Princeton. This presentation is more technical than the one given in Bonn.

  • What is shape analysis?

    A brief overview of shape analysis, aimed at a general mathematics crowd.

  • Long-time behaviour of 2D spherical ideal hydrodynamics

    Presentation given 2019-11 at the Hausdorff Institute in Bonn.

  • Information Geometry and Diffeomorphisms

    Presentation given 2019-10 in Toulouse.

  • Jovian weather

    An overview for mathematicians

  • Dynamic formulation of the Sinkhorn algorithm for optimal transport

    Presentation given 2019-06 in Duck Creek Village, Utah.

  • Hamiltonian Isospectral Flows and Geophysical Hydrodynamics

    Presentation given 2019-04 in Lund.

  • Glimpse into the work of Alessio Figalli

    Seminar series about Fields Medalists 2018 at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers and GU.

  • Semi-invariant Riemannian metrics on diffeomorphisms

    Presentation given 2018-12 at BIRS in Banff

  • The fluid-quantum connection

    A popular 20 min seminar about the connection between hydrodynamics and quantum mechanics.

  • Symplectic integrators for classical spin systems

    Presentation given 2017-12 to physicists in Uppsala.

  • Riemannian gradient flows in shape analysis

    Presentation given 2017-11-13 at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge.

  • Diffeomorphic random sampling using optimal information transport

    Presentation given 2017-11-09 at the GSI'17 conference in Paris.

  • Newton's equations on diffeomorphisms and densities

    Presentation given 2017-11-08 at the GSI'17 conference in Paris.

  • Spherical midpoint method

    Presentation given 2016-07-09 at the Foundations of Computational Mathematics Conference in Barcelona.

  • Global results for geodesic equations on densities

    Presentation given 2017-07 at the CRiSP Workshop in Trondheim.

  • Computational Anatomy and PDE

    Guest seminar in the Nordic Graduate Course on Computational Mathematical Modeling at Kristineberg on the west-coast of Sweden.

  • Riemannian imaging

    Presentation given at the MaGIC meeting in Vatnahalsen, Norway, 2017-03-04

  • Silly method for QR factorization

    Presentation given as CAM seminar 2017-02-22.

  • Geometry of the polar decomposition

    Presentation given 2016-10-12 at the CAVALIERI Workshop on Optimal Transport in Paris.